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More Than Just AR

Meet our on-board augmented sensing technology

Wi-Fi, 4G LTE & Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity

Full HD Head-Up Display & live streaming

Thermal imaging camera

Temperature & humidity sensor


Bone-conduction technology

Intelligent Design

Our solutions

While being equipped with a generous display and powerful hardware, our design does not make any compromise in terms of durability and usability. With half the weight and double the autonomy of conventional AR glasses, our solution is a perfect fit for long-time use.


Flexible Services

Just ready to go

Our headset is already integrated with the ClarK platform, from where you can manage all the available devices. Based on your needs, you can import various data streams in the platform and deliver specific instructions to your workers, or you can monitor analytics collected by the device.

Flexible logistics solutions

Need to manage and optimize complex logistic operations? With our intelligent scanning and tracking systems we offer your worker instructions about how to handle and move goods, and check handling correctness. Thus you could be sure they never miss a box.

Scale your operations

Too much time wasted finding the right datasheets or schematics while on the field? Can’t remember how to install a particular device? Need a tool to visualise real-time how your future construction will look? All this issues are preventing you from scaling up your business? You can do this now with Augmented Reality Superpowers!

Improved safety

With our sensors array we could rapidly detect potential dangerous situations such as gas leaks, high temperatures, or moving objects. Moreover, by aggregating external data from surrounding sensors and machinery we could take safety one step further.

A seamless experience

Need to rapidly train your crews? No worries. Create game-like visual tutorials explaining your workers from how to assemble a complex part to performing complex tasks in a sterile lab.

  1. Basic head-up display, portable but without extra features.

  2. Extra functionality with sensors on-board. Bigger display.

  3. Better casing, improved display, new sensor features.

  4. Improved screen and processing power. Extra communication features added. Greater reliability.

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