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We here at ClarK believe that we can change the way you build, produce, ship and deploy products in industry. Traditional industrial processes are stuck in an age of automation as an afterthought, we challenge you to put intelligence at the center of your workflow and empower you to learn more about your processes and improve the way you work.


With our advanced capture tools and sensor suite we can gather real time data on your workflow.


Our cutting edge solutions will allow you to get realtime insights that help you reach your goals and gain insights in ways to improve your efficiency


By using our advanced AR interaction and visual technology you have the freedom to build better tools to improve worker efficiency, insight and safety.

We aim to improve worker safety by using realtime data, combined with AR applications empowered by our sensor suite to enable greater safety improvements for workers on the ground. 

Our AR interface lets you display relevant information in your field of view, allowing you to keep your hands free while providing better convenience than regular documentation.

By using the collective intelligence provided by multiple of our sensors we can discover points of interest in your workflow that need addressing. Problems can be highlighted and bottlenecks can be solved by looking at the process from the workers’ eyes.



Cutting edge hardware and software combined in a seamless user experience for the worker on the ground. Providing intelligent data, realtime sensor streams and AR-enabled applications to evolve your industrial workflow

CLoud Enabled

Always have the latest info and use our sync tools to retrieve and deploy information

Durable & Lightweight

Durable for Industry and Lightweight for comfort. Our headset handles it all and is purposefully designed to meet the demands of workers on the ground.

Advanced Sensors

Our advanced (visual) sensor suite collects all the info you might need which enables more advanced data collection and information based workflows

Intuitive interface

Our tools should make your life easier, you shouldn't have to fiddle around with controls. We employ intuitive gesture navigation to have information accessible at all times.

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The Team

What People Say

“Engineers who work on transformers that distribute electricity often spend up to half their time searching for technical data in assorted software, databases, activity logs, and even old‑fashioned filing cabinets. Early results suggest augmented reality can slash the amount of time engineers spend looking for information to about a tenth of current levels.”

Alain Dedieu - SVP of Drives

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